Mediterra Group can help you!

Set up Companies

We incorporate in Malta, the UK, Dubai, Cyprus and popular jurisdictions such as the USA. We have a dedicated website for Dubai, DubaiNexus.

Open bank accounts

We can help you open bank accounts, both personal and corporate, in select jurisdictions.

Register vessels

We help register vessels and yachts (pleasure/commercial yachts) in certain jurisdictions. We also help release mortgages.

Obtain Licenses

We help incorporate and obtain licenses for investment funds, as well as for other licensable activities, such as iGaming (certain jurisidictions).

Back office

We offer services of back office, book keeping and administration.

Tax advice

Our services also include counsultancy in the areas of tax and VAT.

Accounts and audit

Some jurisdictions require audited accounts. We can provide competitve rates for this service.

Start up

We love start ups! We can help start ups take their first steps into the world.

Recent Posts

Blog 1 of 2016

Onshore? Offshore? [Part 1 of 2]

This article aims to provide an introduction to the concepts of onshore and offshore financial centres, using as simple a language as possible. Its aim is to demonstrate that there is much more than meets the eye when discussing these types of jurisidictions. This is Part 1 of a series.

Blog 2 of 2016

Onshore? Offshore? [Part 2 of 2]

This article is the second part of the "Onshore, Offshore" debate. In the first part of the series basic concepts of onshore and offshore jurisdictions were discussed. In this second part we will enter in more detail on the different jurisdictions which exist.

Blog 3 of 2016

Anti-money laundering & the banking industry

Nowadays, anti-money laundering (AML) is a big concern of banks, resulting in lengthy account openings and considerable red tape. On the contrary, the business world, which appreciates speed and dislikes bureaucracy, is often caught unprepared for the ensuing whirlwind of paperwork. This results in frustration for all the parties concerned. This article explores what is happening and aims at educating the layman about what is currently happening.


Business in Malta and is an offshoot of an Italian firm which has moved its operations to Malta

Its director, Carlo Perni, together with his family, have completed their definite move from Milan to the Maltese Islands in 2015.

In this article you may read all about their move and how they settled in Malta.